Sympathy Triangle (共鳴トライアングル Kyōmei Toraianguru?) is the twelfeth and final episode of the Haruchika Anime. It aired March 24, 2016.


Haruta deduces that their teacher has been offered a job with a symphony and follows him with Chika, learning more about why he left professional music.


During the practice of one day, the music teacher collapsed due to overwork. The soon coming to Minami Takahashi's famous Fuji Saki High School's brass band part. They say that instead of Sakai, an adviser who was in the midst of her home care, the grass cliffs guided us. The reasons for Sakai's cease and the returning time are unknown, and Chika and Harta concerned about the burden on the grass walls, Fuji Saki set sail into the investigation. Chika who thought suspiciously that the seat change was done three times a month in the class of Sakai will try to contact Ogawara of educational apprentice ... ....


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