Shinjirou Kusakabe (草壁信二郎 Kusakabe Shinjirou?) is the school's music teacher and club supervisor. He was once a famous conductor, but suddenly retired and becomes a music teacher instead. He is the center of Chika and Haruta's attention. Like Haruta, Kusakabe is also a capable detective and always solves the problem first before Haruta, but allows Haruta and Chika to discover things for themselves.


Shinjirou has black hair and greyish-blue eyes. He has rectangular glasses. He typically wears a dress shirt with a tie or a dress shirt with a sweater over it.



Shinjirou used to be a aspiring musical conductor, but for unknown reasons, became a music teacher.It was revealed in the anime that someone precious to him died on the day he was supposed to conduct the Berlin symphony orchestra.




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