Maren Sei (マレン・セイ?) is a Chinese-American first year high school student who plays the alto saxophone. Maren is officially a member of the Drama Club, but he does not participate in their activities. He joined the brass band club after Haruta, Chika, and Miyoko put on a play to help him overcome the past.


Maren has navy hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen in his school uniform.


Maren is quiet and sad most of the time, but his personality improves after he joins the band club. Due to his alto saxophone, or his good looks, he managaes to indirectly convince four other girls to join the club.


Sei was the first child born to currently unknown parents, but was given up for adoption because of his bad legs. His adoptive parents fixed his legs, and Sei learned to play the accordion sometime before enrolling in his current high school. Sei meets Haruta and Chika when they try to recruit him into the brass band club.



  • He is the tallest member of the Brass Band Club
  • He is the only member that is not a citizen of Japan.


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