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What Haruchika Wiki is Not!

This is the policy on the use of blogs.


Creating Blogs is a great way to share your personal opinions, news and creations etc. to the community. Most styling rules can be disregarded when writing a blog as they are not considered as part of the formal content on Haruchika Wikia. However, please do keep them clean and reader friendly.

What To Blog

  • Personal opinions. Freedom of speech shall be appreciated as long as they are relevant to the series and/or the wikia.
  • News. Keep the community posted about news regarding the series and/or the wiki.
  • Original research. Test data and results on researchs etc. are very much appreciated.

What Not To Blog

  • General questions. Look up the wiki for your answers first, blogging about questions which answers can be found in this wiki are not acceptable and should be asked in the comment section of the page, personal Message Wall.
  • Spam and vulgar content. Including blogs pertaining to trolling, or blogs designed to antagonize or harass users inside and outside the wiki. These blogs will be deleted and the author banned with no question asked.
  • Double blogs posts: Do not post a blog with information or discussions that already take place in another blog, unless your blog is able to provide new, updated or additional information in regards to the topic.
  • Irrelevant Contents. The blog section is not a place to share your daily life experience, please keep the entry relevant to the series or the wiki.
  • Short Blogs. Any blogs that lack content are not acceptable. This will be judged on case-by-case basis.
  • Advertising: No blog on this site should be advertising products for sale. You also cannot post a blog with the purpose of advertising a website solely to attract visitors.
  • Random information: No blog on this site should just copy and paste random information from articles, Wikipedia or any other site for that matter with no purpose.
  • Wrong information: While it's perfectly fine to post a blog or a blog comment with your predictions, speculations or theories in regards to the series, claiming that the info you post is a fact without providing a valid proof, or purposely spreading fake information is not allowed.
  • Fan Creation. Fan fiction and fanarts are not allowed.

If your blog is deleted and you believe it does not violate any of the above policies, then please contact our active Administrators.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.