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Creation July 1, 2015
Run 2015 - present
Founder Undella
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Haruchika Wikia is a mediawiki-based website with a mission to become the definitive wiki-based Haruchika series source.

The wiki grew massively since it was founded with over 51 articles and still counting, with different articles and dedicated contributors that are striving for the best of the franchise.


On July 1, 2015, the wiki was founded by Undella with first processes of groundworks. Since then, with the help of other dedicated members, the wiki has received a massive growth with numerous of content pages, images as well as a system of rules, guides and community projects.


Our current mission on Haruchika Wiki is to become the best possible source of the Haruchika franchise. We are trying to gather every information that is possible to become a complete Haruchika encyclopedia. We are always looking for dedicated editors that can help us out with gathering information and helping us out with the hardest possibilities that the wiki currently suffers.

We are extremely against contributors that using this wiki as their flippant spot, in other words, vandalism. We are strongly against contributors that are only coming here to vandalize and causing problems ruining the wiki editor's hard and dedicated work at this wiki. We do also not dislike contributors with a hard-boiled attitude. We are equals and we do need to respect each other by any possible means. Wikia is a free encyclopedia, and not a real full- or part-time job.

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