Cloth Cube (クロスキューブ Kurosu Kyūbu?) is the second episode of the Haruchika Anime. It aired January 14, 2016.


Because there are too few people, the brass band of dangerous Chika even participating in the competition. Chika is celebrating its recruiting activities in an effort to secure its members. Among them, the oboe player Miyoko Narushima who has participated in the national tournament was a talent wanted for Chika and Haruta who are aiming for the Fumon Hall. Together with Haruta, who was headed towards Yuushima, the person himself said "It is not like I'm planning to do a brass band anymore" attitude. Haruta proposes a solution to a troubled Chika.


Haruta and Chika try to encourage others to join the Brass Band Club, especially first-year student Miyoko Narushima, a talented oboist who went to the prestigious Fumon Hall to perform before and won a silver prize despite having only 23 members. As Miyoko blatantly refuses to confide in either one of them, Haruta interrogates her friend Mayu Nishikawa and finds out that on the day of the tournament, Miyoko never showed up for the award ceremony as she was informed of her younger brother's death just after the performance, causing her to quit playing the oboe. Mayu then shows Haruta and Chika to Miyoko's house, where Haruta recognises plenty of puzzle games and deduces that she used to play those with her deceased brother due to how those books and games looked untouched. Although Miyoko rejects their offer of friendship, she gives them a Rubik's cube to solve, saying that that was the last puzzle her brother left that she could never solve because all its faces were white and devoid of colour. The deadline being Friday after school, the duo set to work. They soon find out that Miyoko's brother had painted an ordinary Rubik's cube over with white oil paint, and after some prompting from Mr. Kusakabe about how this puzzle probably emphasises on its process of completion than the finished product, Haruta realises that this puzzle is not one of punishment like Miyoko believed, but rather one made of love. No matter how one turns the cube, it will never change from its initial scrambled state, so that means to change it from its former self, was Miyoko's brother's message to her to move on from his death and that he loves her. Painting the cube's sides with oil paints, he wanted her to paint her world with colour. Haruta peels off linen from the cube's outer covering and reveals a message congratulating her on solving the puzzle. As thanks, Miyoko joins the Brass Band Club.


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