Chika Homura (穂村 千夏 Homura Chika?) is the main protagonist and a second year high school student. She is a flutist and a member of the wind instrument club. Her dream is to go to the "Koshien" of wind music competitions: the "Fumonkan." She is worried about the love triangle she is in with Haruta, as both are in love with the rookie band teacher, Mr. Kusakabe.


Chika is a beautiful teenage girl with long, purple hair that reaches to her waist and bright purple eyes. She is usually seen with her school uniform.


Chika, is kind and caring to many. Chika is the kind of person that takes a while to catch on to subjects but stays focused on it when she gets the hang of it. When she's around Haruta, Chika tends to be defensive of herself.


Chika, in her childhood, was a tomboy, she was kind. She meet Haruta that age and had ate all of his snacks, put frogs down his back, used pro wrestling moves, played in mud, and slid down hills. In junior high school, she was a powerful member of the volleyball club. In high school, she switched to playing the flute in band to be a "maidenly cute girl."



  • 千夏, the Japanese words for Chika, contains 夏 which means summer. Haruta was born in July, the summer season.
  • Both Haruta and Chika are named after seasons.


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